Here at Abusir, all of our horses are thoroughly planned, picked out and primed to ensure quality, ability and success. We invest alot of time, energy and money into our horses and take an equally great amount of pride in every horse that we buy, sell, breed and compete. In order to maintain a healthy, high performance herd, we carefully choose all of our breeding stock to ensure only the best traits are being passed onto their offspring, we also know that the key to great stock is having the best of the best. Almost all our broodmares and breeding stallions have been shown competivley to ensure that they will pass on great things to their foals. We do not condone breeding for quantity and therefore only breed our horses on occation, only after extensive planning are our horses bred to ensure the best. As a result each of the horses bred at Abusir are guarenteed to be exactly what we hoped for. For those of you interested in a breeding or owning an Abusir homebred, keep an eye out for sales or contact me at WF showboards or SAI Farm Board with the name horseluver16 at both boards.