Sales Contract
I reserve buybacks on every horse sold by Abusir Estates unless otherwise stated. The buybacks are to be kept intact for the lifetime of the horse and cannot be removed unless I state so. All buybacks to us must be clearly stated on the horses page with our stable name clearly visible. Failure to inform us about the selling of a horse it will be automatically reclaimed and we will be cautious of selling horses to you.

We do know that alot of people use different aging systems and we acknowledge that, we however age once a year and if you use a different aging system we hope that you try to keep the foals atleast a couple of years younger that their sire and dam. We know this is sometimes difficult if you are aging by shows etc but we do hope that you try.

When we sell a horse under contract we request that you send us a page url within two weeks for our own records. Failure to send a page url will result in the reclaiming of the horse/s in question, all pages must contain a three generation pedigree and the entire show record. We will not tolerate the copying of a horses entire page from our stable for either a temperary or perminate page, doing so will result in immediate reclaiming of the horse.

All horses sold by Abusir Estates have to be kept actively showing unless sold as a breeding horse. Actively showing means showing the horse atleast 4 times a month, this is not hard and if you dont think you will be able to keep this up do not ask to purchase the horse. If the horse falls inactive or goes on hiatus without our knowledge the horse will be reclaimed after two months inactivity.

All stats that the horse is sold with must be kept the same unless permission has been given to geld or age the horse, if we find something has been changed we will reclaim the horse after one warning if nothing has been changed. Retraining a horse in someways is ok but nothing drastic like a showjumper going into western or pleasure events. Gelding a horse is fine by us as long as we are contacted first as we may like to get straws for breeding.

Horses may not be imported into any games unless we are notified before hand. We also want previous records to be accepted by the game as we dont want to sell a shown horse and then have our hard work go out the window when the record is just forgotten.

We know that horses get old and you want to retire horses for breeding and that is fine by us. Just let us know so that we dont reclaim the horse for inactivity.